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About Drum Against Depression

My Story

Depression and Suicide...not the types of things anyone really ever wants to talk about. A lot of times, people who might be experiencing symptoms of depression are afraid to talk about them for fear of being judged. How can I make these assumptions? Because I've been through it.


For those of you who don't know me, words like depressed or suicidal would be the last words people would use to describe me. 

The truth is this...


My fight against depression/suicide is a very personal one. Not only have I been affected, but I have helped others fight to overcome it as well. For some people, it takes nothing more than a conversation. For others, including myself, it takes a little more work to get over that hill. 

If you're still with me, just remember that I am not a trained professional, and any advice given is based on what helped me through my darkest times.

But enough of the serious stuff. 

The Goal (Part 1: The Personal Goal)

My project is to show people that there are endless outlets to release their emotions in a positive way. For me, it has always been music. 

Each song in this series has been selected based on both the lyrics and the emotions conveyed throughout the song. The end goal being a playlist that you can blast during those times when life gets a little too hard to handle.


The Goal (Part 2: The Ultimate Goal)

At the end of the day, depression/suicide is a disease. For some people it is not something that they can just "get over" due to chemical imbalances in the brain. 

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation  is ranked as one of the most effective foundations. Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded more than $365 million to fund more than 5,000 grants to more than 4,000 leading scientists around the world.

All donations will be forwarded to this foundation to help win the fight against depression and suicide once and for all.

Check out Drum Against Depression on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube for more info/content!

Thank You!


Kevin Lois

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